Discern How God May Be Calling You

Our Franciscan Vocation Houses are peaceful homes for practicing Catholics or those exploring the Catholic faith. They pray, eat, and work together in an atmosphere of Franciscan fellowship, peace, humility, and simplicity. The homes also can provide free housing for those seeking to pay off debt before entering religious life.


Residents fall into two categories:


1. Long-term residents who are either living or affiliated with the Rule of Life of the Confraternity of Penitents


2. Shorter term residents who may or may not be affiliated with the Confraternity, but who are discerning their next step, such as: 

+ Entering a Career

+ Continuing Education

+ Starting a Business

+ Contemplating Marriage

+ Exploring Single Life Vocations

+ Discerning a Religious Vocation or Diocesan Priesthood

+ Any Other Major Life Choice

It's difficult to hear God's voice through all the noise of today's world. Setting aside time to listen, while living in community with your brothers and sisters, may help you find out what's next. 

With over 20 former residents, the Vocation Houses have given rise to 7 religious vocations, 4 marriages, and 3 single life vocations. Residents have also been able to discern further education, missionary work, or steps in their career. 


Annunciation House and Guadalupe House are currently in need of House Parents! (Temporary house parents are currently serving.) Click here to find out more.

Both houses are a short distance from historic Saint Andrew's Oratory, and Mary's Glen outdoor spiritual oasis for prayer.

Time spent at the Vocation house includes daily prayer, weekly spiritual studies (usually in the form of a Bible or book study), guidance from your house parent, and community events such as Mass and group dinners. 

Our ministry's Spiritual Advisor is Father Dan Koehl, pictured here.