Vocation Houses in the Franciscan Spirit

Opportunities :


Pray the Liturgy of the Hours in community (hours may differ depending on the house)


Morning Prayer: 7:30 a.m. 

Evening Prayer -- 5:30 p.m.

Night Prayer -- Privately


Eat Dinner in Community


5:50 pm Weekdays

Thursdays are a "day off" from common activities.

Quiet Time: 9 pm to 9 am. .

You will have your own personal bedroom and full use of the house excluding the bedrooms of others.


Each house also has:


 + a prayer space where you may pray at any time. 

+ a fully stocked kitchen in which to prepare your meals


+ laundry facilities (washer, dryer)


+ internet service 


No smoking in the houses 

No alcohol or illegal drug usage

No pornography

No profanity

No overnight guests

Dress according to dress code


-Seek holiness and be accountable to your house parent and spiritual director about your journey

-Be committed to community life

-Follow house rules and procedures

-Volunteer work in Catholic Ministry


Required upon acceptance:

Initial security deposit of $300. When room is vacated, the security deposit will be refunded in full or part depending on condition of your room. 

prayer corner.jpg
Each option includes your own private bedroom and full use of the house (other bedrooms excluded), laundry, internet access, utilities, and kitchen privileges.
Residents are responsible for their own meals.
Residents may have jobs or be college students

$360 donation monthly for Fair Share use of Franciscan Vocation House and ministry, due by the first of each month.


Residents may elect to voluntarily "work off" their fair share by donating up to 10 hours per week work to ministry with the Confraternity of Penitents. The Confraternity Volunteer Coordinator assigns and monitors volunteer tasks, which generally include computer and administrative work but may also include indoor and outdoor work. 

Volunteer 5 hours per week and Fair Share reduces to $180 monthly.

Volunteer 10 hours per week and Fair Share reduces to $0 monthly.

House Parent (one per house)

Room and board plus $200/wk stipend. Full time responsibility to house and to volunteer work for Confraternity of Penitents


Some of the requirements for house parents are:

  • Be of exemplary moral character

  • Plan occasional events with guest speakers on discernment topics

  • Moderate weekly formation classes for residents in the house

  • Moderate a weekly or biweekly Bible study/book study open to non-residents

  • Manage the day to day operation of the house

  • Assign tasks within the house

  • Work with the Confraternity Volunteer Coordinator to assign Ministry duties

  • Be available to residents

  • Settle disputes among residents.

  • Purchase staples for the house.

  • Coordinate meals and other functions within the house.