Annunciation Women's Discernment House

Annunciation Women's Discernment House is located at 2637 Schele Avenue, Fort Wayne IN USA. Built originally as a convent, Annunciation House has bedrooms for eleven women residents as well as air conditioning, internet service, kitchen, dining area, living areas, chapel, meeting rooms, and guest quarters. 

Annunciation House needs a wired fire alarm system as well as refinishing of its hardwood flooring. It also requires the addition of two showers on the first floor, replacement of flooring in first floor bathrooms, basement waterproofing, and hand rails for steep back steps. All donations to this restoration are most welcome! 

Sponsor a room for $5000. See before and after photos of a room sponsorship on this link.

Photos of Annunciation Women's Discernment House
Prior to Remodeling (1 June 2020)

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