Spiritual Life at Annunciation and Guadalupe Discernment Houses

        What are the spiritual guidelines for residents at Annunciation and Guadalupe Vocation Houses? 


We strive to grow daily  in Christian virtue that will help us in our future vocation, whatever it may be. Although the Vocation Houses are operated by the Confraternity of Penitents, you do not need to be discerning either the Franciscan charism or the Confraternity of Penitents to be a part. The spiritual goals for life here are simply Catholic and Christian. To help the residents grow in their faith life, we propose what Christ proposed: the Evangelical Counsels, lived according to the state in life of the lay person discerning his or her vocation.

The evangelical counsels are deep wells from which to draw virtue and inspiration, deeper than a web page can express; nevertheless here is an outline of how a discerner might begin to grow in these virtues, and a few others:


  • We recommend that you find a prayer schedule that works for you. If you need guidance, your house parent and/or chief of staff will be happy to help you find a schedule that works for you!

  • You are highly encouraged to join us for the Divine Office. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to pray it. We can help. We understand if you are unable to join us because of work. See our schedule for daily prayer here

  • Daily Mass. If you can’t get yourself there, the chief of staff or house parent may be able to take you.


  • Use common items such as water, dish soap, heat and electricity with moderation

  • Try to avoid bringing excessive possessions with you when you come and accumulating more than you can neatly store in your room

  • Keep common areas clean, tidying up after yourself when necessary


  • No dates at the house. Please go to a restaurant etc for a date.

  • Avoid foul and/or inappropriate language and humor in speech and in media, especially media audible to others.

  • Pornography is absolutely forbidden. Its use will bring immediate expulsion.

  • Dress modestly whether in the house or in public. Modest clothing is meant to conceal, not reveal.


  • Let the house parent and chief of staff know about your work schedule and other lengthy engagements. 

  • Let the house parent and chief of staff know ahead of time if you will be away overnight.

  • Try to be diligent and respectful during your volunteer hours. 

  • Stick to commitments made to the house and to your own spiritual life. 


  • Moral behavior in line with Church teaching is expected.

  • Use of illicit drugs and alcoholic beverages is forbidden.

Fraternal Charity

       Besides basic respect of other housemates, you can foster fraternal charity by

  • Coming whenever you are able to the common meals

  • Attending discernment conferences and other community events

  • Praying for the community and the Confraternity

  • Refraining from gossip