This week visit your favorite church, either virtually or in actuality. 

Turn off your phone. And resist the temptation to turn it back on.

Spend between 30 and 60 minutes in silence in this setting.

Begin by quieting your spirit and asking God to take all your concerns from you.

Sit and relax.

Ask the Holy Spirit to speak a word to you, whatever He wishes to say.

Be still. Wait. Be patient.

Tell God that you love Him.

Be still. Wait. Be patient.

Listen to the still small voice of God within. He will speak to you. There are lessons in the still small voice. There are lessons in the stillness. Be open to what the Lord wants to give you.

Dwell on what He says to you. Ask Him to help you follow. 

Do not leave the church until at least 30 minutes have passed. When you do leave, thank God for whatever you have received. Take that message with you and pray about it this week. Allow the Holy Spirit to work in you as you ponder. 

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