Weekly Prayer List

Join house residents in praying for these intentions. 

Confraternity of Penitents Weekly Prayer List  1/19/21

(Note: To receive via email urgent prayer requests for people in danger of death, please email copenitents@yahoo.com and put “Please sign me up to Urgent Prayer Request Mailing List” in the subject line. May God reward you.)

If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze. –St. Catherine of Siena

Pope’s Monthly Intention:

Human Fraternity - May the Lord give us the grace to live in full fellowship with our brothers and sisters of other religions, praying for one another, open to all.

On-going Intentions:

  • The Pope also asks us to spend five minutes in prayer for those in power.

  • Prayer for America one Minute Every Night

  • If you would like to participate, every evening at 9:00PM EST (6:00 Pacific), stop whatever you are doing and spend one minute praying for the safety of the United States, our troops, our citizens, and for peace in the world.

  • Special prayers are requested for God’s abundant blessings on the Archdiocese for Military Services, for our troops, for all the families left behind, for our President, for all heads of state and government officials in those countries involved in war.

  • Please pray for our Holy Father, Pope Francis, for his health and protection.

  • Please pray for the Church and for peace in the world.

  • Please pray for priests undergoing religious attack, and for vocations to the priesthood, religious life, and the Confraternity of Penitents.

  • Please pray for the hundreds of thousands of refugees trying desperately to find a place to live in peace.

  • Please pray to end terrorism, genocide, war, abuse, neglect, hatred, human trafficking.

  • Please pray for all to have their hearts open to Jesus and for a return to Christian values and morals

  • For the conversion to belief in unalienable right to life of all human beings for those in any way involved in abortion, we pray to the Lord.

  • For National Day of Prayer weekly intentions for US Government and officials.

  • For all those referred to the Confraternity of Penitents through the Vocation Placement Referral program, that God may lead them into the path on which He wishes them to walk.

  • For the prayer requests of the Holy Innocents Prayer Line.

  • For all those on the Precious Blood, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Shalom Media, and Margo Snyder's Prayer Lists.

  • Please pray for Charles Opara who needs a better job. His family is in need. Thank you for your prayers.

  • For the raising of $235,000 to renovate two vocation discernment and volunteer houses (one for men and one for women) and to build a chapel that meets city code in Mary’s Glen. Please pray that God will bring these funds in, if He so wills. God bless you for your prayers and thanks be to God for funds raised so far.

  • For John Caywood, for him to know that God loves him and for him to love himself and to let himself be vulnerable.

  • For Nedime and family and Mufide Mary R, her ancestors, and her intentions

  • For protection for Isabel Leal and Losang. For health and protection. For them to trust in God’s providence. For conversion for those who want to harm them.

  • For Bob Floyd and the crew making a documentary film on Fr. Chad Rippenger, exorcist, for their protection and God’s grace.

Current intentions:

  • For the repose of the soul of Fr. Julian Stead, OSB

  • Theresa Gronsky Covid

  • Msgr Baker Covid

  • Ronnie Choir Covid

  • Choir at All Saints Pa

  • Update Fr Jim . His cancer is very aggressive and he decided on chemo.

  • Please pray for Michael and Traci who both just tested positive for covid.

  • Judy--many health problems. Frequent falls.

  • Sr. Shirley and Dominican nursing home where covid has entered.

  • From Joseph Lario: Pray That My Life Home Health Will Be Blessed By The Lord That Certain Persons In My Life Will Accept Christ And Be Converted By The Lord That I Will Not Grow Despondent But  Have Great Confidence In The Lord The Blessed Virgin Mary That I Will Have Great Respect For The Sacraments Of The Catholic Church  That I Will Pray Always  

  • Please pray for the soul of Betty Bashaw,  who passed away 12/30/2020.

  • Cindy Parran has an infection on her leg.

  • Mr. Weigle will be having surgery on his shoulder.

  • Frank will have colon cancer surgery 1/5/2021.

  • Ralph-hospitalized with Covid.

  • Adam Hobson, alcoholism

  • Barbara Ahearn—recovery from removal of large benign mass in abdomen.

  • For the repose of the soul of Fr. Anthony, OFM Conv, Byzantine rite

  • For Holy Dormition Monastery—closing—for priests there

  • For Thomas Redmond, covid, has 4 boys, given 29% chance of survival

  • For the repose of the soul of Nick Rizzo and for his widow Brenda

  • For Fr. Francisco Valdovinos, ST, missionary priests who serves in Mecca, CA. Dying from Covid.

  • Greg Mitchell requests prayers

  • Michael Butler, cancer of the spine, and his family (4 children)

  • Please pray for Bob who is in the hospital with COVID.

  • Please pray for Grant, put on a ventilator because of COVID. His organs are shutting down.

  • Father Edward Vilkauskas, who now has Covid 19   He has COPD and is very vulnerable

  • Barbara Dalley—bone cancer, blood clots, undergoing chemo.

  • For the repose of the soul of Daniel dellaGrange

  • For the repose of the soul of Paul Malinowski’s father

  • Patty Decker, Patsy Seely, Jackie Wilson—all suffering from cancer.

  • For Rita Farnsworth and Mary Lee Weaver in their new retirement.

  • For Carolyn who has dementia.

  • For Holy Dormition Monastery, Sybertsville, closing after 75 years. Prayers for Fr. Jerome, Fr. Jim and Br. Gus

  • For Larry Dubois, hemorrhaging

  • For Alphonse Thelan, 91 years old, been in and out of the hospital with pneumonia, heart issues.

  • Jonathan Golda, PTSD, spinal injury from work accident with long term effects.

  • Phyllis O’Brien, testing for Covid prior to surgery.

  • For the 8 seminarians, Diocese of Portland, ME

  • Help for the Delta Hospice Society..

  • Please pray for Christina, she has terminal cancer.

  • Please pray for Justin’s grandmother who has Covid and is in critical condition.

  • For the archbishop of Tijuana—has covid.

  • For Sue, nurse, contracted covid. On the mend. Pray for her full recovery.

  • Fr Jason Jones, spends his days  giving last rites who die of Covid on a daily basis. Pray for his protection.

  • Please pray for Mary, her cancer has become active again. She recently started chemo.

  • CJ Seyfert—recovery from covid

  • Angela—preeclampsia. Baby will be delivered at 30 weeks. Please keep mom and baby in prayer.

  • For David Vogel and his family, house destroyed by fire. Strong, Catholic prolife witness.

  • Please pray for a husband/father who committed suicide.  Please also pray for his family.

  • For “Abbey,” mentally disturbed, possibly possessed.

  • For Hannah Montagu, 22, suffered brain haemorrhage.

  • For the repose of the soul of Joseph Scheidler.

  • No one heals himself by wounding another. – St. Ambrose

  • For “Abbey,” mentally disturbed, possibly possessed.

  • For Hannah Montagu, 22, suffered brain haemorrhage.

  • For the repose of the soul of Joseph Scheidler.

No one heals himself by wounding another. – St. Ambrose

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